Professional Counseling for Individuals, Couples, & Families and Clinical Supervision

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Depression and Anxiety cause significant impact on life. Work, relationships, motivation, and enjoyable activities all struggle. Depression is frequently described as "feeling down" or "in a rut". Anxiety is frequently described as a state of constant worry or being extremely nervous. Counseling can assist you identify triggers of depression and anxiety; challenge thoughts and emotions that continue to cause you pain and distress, and create new tools to move forward in life. As the grip of depression and anxiety begins to lessen, you will begin to reconnect with the joy you once felt in your life. You can continue to heal relationships and thrive.

Couples & Families

When two lives are joined together communication breakdowns, hurt feelings, and conflict can follow. When your most important relationships is threatened, consider couples or marriage counseling. I work with all couples, married or not to reconnect and redefine intimacy within their relationship.  Couples Counseling is an effective way of developing new ways of communicating, emotional sharing, deepening intimacy. As you grow closer together through counseling, a whole new relationship begins to emerge.. It is possible to heal the wounds from the past. 

Conflict among family members is common. These conflicts can be extremely painful and result in emotional wounds that are difficult to heal. Family Therapy incorporates all members of the family and works toward achieving common goals. Similar to couples, Families frequently have difficulties communicating, listening to one another, and understanding the concerns of others. Family Therapy is a tool that helps to promote positive and healthy interactions among family members